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Describe an important festival in your country.


You should say

– What it is

– When it is held

– What do people do in this celebration

And explain why it is important

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I am going to talk about the mid-autumn festival, which is one crucial traditional activity in Vietnamese culture.

The mid-autumn festival takes place on the 15th of August in the ………….(1) year when the moon is the fullest and brightest. In the past, it was a way to worship Weather gods to look kindly on people so that there was no severe catastrophe such as storms, floods, or hurricanes; and citizens could enjoy productive crops and prosperous life. Today, the full moon festival is considered the most significant festival for children.

On this unforgettable occasion, there are a variety of activities people can do to show love and …………. (2) for children. First, parents usually take their kids to Hang Ma street in the downtown of Hanoi to buy beautifully ornate……….. (3) in various sizes and shapes such as fish, butterflies, stars, and flowers. Children of all ages are also keen on funny ……… (4) of animals from old tales like pigs or rabbits or traditional toys such as lion …………. (5), rattles, and ………. (6), which they can bring with them during lantern …………. (7) in all streets.

Secondly, performances of dragon and lion dances are one of the main highlights of the festival celebration. During the week of the Moon Festival, dragon and lion dancers, together with flocks of boys and girls, go to houses in the neighborhood to perform the show, which may bring the blessing of luck and …………. (8) to house owners. After that, hosts give children lucky money as a sign of ………….. (9) in return.

Last but not least, eating moon cakes is an indispensable practice during the reunion of family members. Moon cakes are the symbol of wealth, ………….. (10), and happiness and their fillings contain the best quality ingredients such as a salted egg, pork, dried fruits, and mixed nuts like pumpkin or lotus seeds.

All in all, the Mid-autumn festival is a good chance for children to save their best memories of their childhood. On top of that, it also reminds adults of Vietnamese tremendous traditional values and customs.



1) lunar

(2) affection

(3) lanterns

(4) masks

(5) heads

6) drums

(7) parades

(8) fortune

9) gratitude

(10) prosperity