Nếu bạn đang bắt đầu làm quen với bài thi Nghe của IELTS thì bài luyện tập bên dưới sẽ phù hợp với bạn.


Các bước luyện nghe hiệu quả như sau:

- Hãy nghe lần đầu tiên xem bạn có thể trả lời được bao nhiêu câu hỏi

- Đối chiếu với đáp án xem bạn có bao nhiêu câu trả lời đúng

- Bạn có thể học thêm từ vựng trong link quizlet bên dưới để xem nếu mình bị vướng câu hỏi nào không trả lời được có phải do mình gặp phải từ mới không.

- Nghe lại lần hai và tự chấm điểm sau khi học từ vựng thì điểm số cải thiện được bao nhiêu.

- Kiểm tra script, phân tích script, các lỗi sai và học từ mới chi tiết.

- Nghe lại xem sau khi đã phân tích hết script mình có bắt được các câu trả lời không.

Chúc các bạn luyện nghe IELTS thật hiệu quả.


Questions 1-10


Name: Sanjay 1 ………………...

Age: 2 ………………...

Occupation: 3 ………………...

Other expeditions:

  • has crossed 4 ………………...
  • has climbed Mount 5 ………………...

Special skills:

  • has done a 6 ………………... course
  • can speak 7 ………………...


  • degree in 8 ………………...

Free-time activities:

  • 9 .…………………
  • keeping 10 ………………...


1. Dubashi

6. first aid/first-aid

2. 27

7. five languages/5 languages

3. office worker

8. media studies

4. Central Africa

9. fishing

5. Elbrus

10. fit


Clive Hello?

Debbie Hi, Clive, is that you'?

C Yes, hi, Debbie.

D Did you manage to see those candidates for our expedition'?

C Yes, I did, and there was an extra one who was quite a surprise. You know, he hadn’t applied and he just turned up out of the blue, so we haven't got any details for him.

D Really1? Tell me about him

C OK, and you can take some notes Then we'll see what we think

D Fine.

C First, he’s called Sanjay Dubashi.

D OK Sanjay is spelled S-A-N-J-A-Y, right?

C Correct And Dubashi is D-U-B-A-S-H-l

D D-U-B-A-S-H-l, fine, thanks, I'm just getting that down And did you find out how old he is?

C Sure, he's round about our age, you know - well, a couple of years older, he’s 27, quite a big man, quite muscular, impressive, with a big mustache

D And what does he do?

C Well, actually, he just says he's an office worker, you know, just one of those people with quite a routine job in an office.

D Mm, doesn’t sound like he finds his job very interesting. Has he got any experience, do you know, of going off to remote places on foot?

C Yes, he’s been all over the place He was telling me all about a trip he made in a Land Rover across Central Africa from one side to the other, which sounded pretty exciting And dangerous

D Great! I think it would be really interesting to cross Central Africa. I’d love to do that. Anything physical? I mean, where he actually had to walk instead of driving - you know, being so muscular, as you say?

C Mm, I was coming to that. Last year, he went to Russia with some friends during their summer holidays and they went up a mountain. Let’s see, urn, Mount Elbrus, it’s called.

D Wow, now that’s really quite something. By the way, Elbrus is spelled E-L-B-R-O-S, isn’t it?

C Not quite, it’s U-S

D Ah, OK What qualifications does he have which would interest us1? Has he done any sort of specialist training, for example1?

C Well, he’s done a course in first aid, which may be pretty useful. If any of us get injured, he should know what to do.

D Good. It might be useful to have someone who knows how to do first aid in case someone has an accident. Can he swim?

C I didn't ask, now you mention it. I forgot. But he did tell me he can hold conversations in five languages. He’s not fluent in all of them, but he can get by. He grew up in India, and I suppose that helps, you know, for learning languages, though now he lives over here.

D Right. What else? Has he been to university, for instance?

C Yes, he graduated in media studies, though he says he's never worked in the media

D: OK, and when he’s not off on expeditions to remote places, what does he like doing in his spare time1?

C He seems to do all sorts of things One thing he told me which could be useful is that he likes fishing

D Yes, we’d better tell him to bring his fishing rod - that is, if we choose him.

C And he seems to spend a lot of time at the gym - he says he really likes to keep fit And when you meet him, you’ll believe it’s true

D Great, another fitness fanatic, like you. Well, sounds like I should meet him, doesn't it? When can you fix that up?



candidate ứng viên
turn up xuất hiện
out of the blue bất ngờ, không báo trước
spell Đánh vần
muscular vạm vỡ, rắn chắc
impressive ấn tượng
mustache ria
office worker nhân viên văn phòng
a routine job một công việc thường ngày
go off to remote places đi đến những nơi xa xôi
go on foot đi bộ
specialist training đào tạo chuyên môn
first aid sơ cứu
get injured bị thương
hold conversations in many languages đối thoại bằng nhiều ngôn ngữ
media studies nghiên cứu phương tiện truyền thông
fishing rod cần câu
keep fit giữ dáng, giữ sức khoẻ
fitness fanatic người thích tập thể dục
fix something up chuẩn bị, sắp xếp cho cái gì